Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gadino Cellars and My First Celebrity Spotting on the Wine Trail

After hiking Old Rag Mountain, Dan and I stopped at Gadino Cellars in Washington, Virginia for a tasting and some food. We weren’t the only hikers to stop too, because we recognized another couple whom we had seen on the mountain. :)

Gadino’s first vines were planted in 1989, and because they enjoy focusing on small, high-quality wine, the proprietors choose to keep production under 1500 cases a year. You can definitely sense the family atmosphere when step into the Gadino Cellars tasting room. The tasters are friendly and eager to share about what they love about the wine they serve.

During our tasting, Dan and I tried six different wines, ranging from refreshing whites and roses to nice rich reds. Among our favorites were the Sunset, Moonrise, and Petit Verdot. We’ve heard from fellow wine bloggers that the Pinot Grigio is also very good, but unfortunately, it is so good that they were sold out while we were there. LOL

After our tasting, we ordered two servings of yummy lasagna, which they have been offering on winter weekends. With our wine and pasta, we relaxed and watched the sun set behind the mountains.

Just as we were ordering our second glasses, some new patrons came into the tasting room. As we chatted with them, I learned that one of them was actually quite famous as a commercial actor and model! It was pretty cool to learn some of the things he had worked on, and Dan even let me get a picture with him! :)

Me and my new famous friend, Leroy

Heehee… What? Who’d you think I met? LOL

Leroy is famous though. He even has his own Facebook page and website! We had fun helping him celebrate his Birthday with his friends and their handlers.


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