Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breaux Vineyards

Resting on over 100 acres of Virginia’s rolling hills, Breaux Vineyards is a beautiful location to visit on the Virginia Wine Trail. My fiancé and I recently had the privilege to be shown around the grounds by Reagan (Events Manager) and Jennifer (Director of Sales and Hospitality).

Our tour started in the barrel rooms, where we learned about Breaux’s upcoming wines. We also learned how they make their facility available to small vineyards who do not have enough room to store barrels and tanks.

Next, Reagan walked us through the large, new facility being completed on the grounds. This facility will contain extra storage and barrel rooms, special tasting rooms for Cellar Club members, and a magnificent entertainment hall, The Acadia, that is exquisite for weddings and events. As Dan and I are currently planning our own wedding, we were really able to appreciate the size, flooring, and open lighting in the event hall!

The new Cellar Club room

The entry way to the Acadia

The Acadia

The Acadia

Breaux also has other expansion plans in the near future that will create more tasting room space and event space. With the increasing flow of visitors to Breaux, I think the vineyard’s plans are really good and will help maintain the quality each visitor’s experience!

After our tour, we headed back to the tasting room for a wine tasting with Silvia, who has been a part of Breaux since its beginning. She was very personable and shared a wealth of knowledge with us as she guided us through each wine.

On multiple occasions, Silvia brought out two bottles of the same type of wine but from different years. Then, she would describe the difference between the bottles (age of the vines, changes in weather from one year to the next, or how much time it had been allowed to age) and had us taste the difference in the wine. It was extremely fascinating!

For myself, I learned that I enjoyed the certain varieties of grape from younger vines than from older vines. I also preferred grapes from hot, humid summers over grapes from hot, dry summers. Of course, not everyone liked the same things I did, and the fact that Virginia wines offer so much variety is one of my favorite characteristics about it.

Before leaving Breaux, Dan and I talked to Jennifer about geocaching, and she happily agreed to let us add Breaux Vineyards to the VA Wine Trail! We found a fun spot for the cache, and you can find the coordinates on the geocache page.

Our visit to Breaux was wonderful. Everyone in our group learned so much about the wines we were drinking and left with more knowledge and a big smile. :) A special thanks goes to Jen, Reagan, and Silvia for their outstanding hospitality!!

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