Monday, October 20, 2014

Jax’s First Winery – Stone Tower Winery

Even before I was pregnant, I looked forward to the day when I would be able to start taking my kid(s) to vineyards with me. When Jax turned one month old, Dan and I thought it was time to take him on his first winery visit. Because he was so young, we decided to stay close to home. There are numerous vineyards close to our house, but we decided to try Stone Tower Winery, since we had never been there yet.

Stone Tower Winery has a variety of red and white wines, and Dan and I chose to do the reserve tasting so we could try more of them. Our tasting started with some very bubbly sparkling wine, which seemed fitting as a way to toast Jax’s first wine trip. Another white that I enjoyed was the estate chardonnay, which we ended up getting a bottle of. Among the reds, I liked the 2012 Sanglier Noble’s fruity scent and spicy taste.

After our tasting, we went to the patio where we shared wine and snacks with some of the VA Wine Mafia who were able to join us for the afternoon. The food and drinks were delicious, and Jax enjoyed meeting some of his Wine Mafia aunts and uncle.

Unfortunately, it was a hot hot day out, and as there was no AC running in the tasting room, we had to cut our trip short when Jax started to get too warm. It was still a fun visit, and we look forward to taking Jax to more vineyards in the future. :)


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jax Says "Hello World"

I want to take a moment to introduce my son, Jax.

Jax arrived with lots of fanfare at the end of July. He was one big baby (9 pounds 7 ounces) and continues to be in the 90th percentile for his age. How did little old me end up with such a big kid? I get to blame my husband’s side of the family for that. LOL

Jax looks a LOT like his daddy:


Though, he does have my eyes and many of my expressions:


You will see and hear stories about this kiddo pretty often because he is kind of a big deal in our family (as he is our first born, as well as the first grandbaby on both sides of our family).

We have already introduced him to Virginia wine (just visiting, not drinking yet), and pictures of him will definitely pop up in my winery reviews. Don’t worry though, we will not let him be one of those annoying kids at the vineyard. We are already teaching Jax vineyard etiquette, to make sure he grows up with a love and respect for the land and the vines.

Time for a nap until my next post. :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Back from Maternity Leave

I knew being pregnant and having a baby would keep me busy, but I didn’t realize how busy until I was in the middle of everything. :) My pregnancy has now come and gone, and my sweet, adorable boy is here. My two months of maternity leave are also over, and with that, things are starting to take on a regular schedule again.

There are many good things about having a more normal schedule. One of them is that I am finding a few moments here and there to actually write blog posts again. Huzzah!

Over the next few weeks, I will try to catch up on events that happened during and just after my pregnancy, as well as writing about some of the fun vineyards that I am visiting, now that I am back on the VA wine trails.

Just a heads up, I will have pictures of the vineyards and other locations for my posts. However, you can also expect to see quite a few baby pictures – because taking pictures of my son is quite addicting. I will try not to overdo it, but I make no promises. Haha