Handcrafted At The Lamppost

This page displays the handmade items created by At The Lamppost. If you would like to purchase them, you can find certain items at Virginia wineries, or you can order them directly from us by emailing erin.atthelamppost@gmail.com.

Cork Keychains:
These keychains are fantastic for party favors, wedding favors, gifts, and boat keys. They are small, durable, and customizable.

At The Lamppost can either make these keychains from corks that we have or from corks that you provide yourself, giving you the opportunity to reuse corks that carry memories as well as keys. Another customizable feature of these keychains is the tag. We can use a standard At The Lamppost tag, or we can customize it to display the name of your wedding or event.

Cork Keychains are available for purchase by email or at Aspen Dale Winery. For Aspen Dale Winery, we have made the keychains with used corks from the winery, and it is fun to find a cork keychain that originated from your favorite bottle of their wine!

Cork Trivets:
Trivets can very in style and size, depending on what materials are available at the time. If you want a specific size and style, just ask me in advance, and I'll find what you are looking for!

Holiday Cork Ornaments and Decorations:
Holiday cork decorations can be found at Aspen Dale Winery, as well as ordered by email. The pictures below show the ones I have created. However, if you have something specific in mind, let me know, and I will see if I can create it.

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