Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lamb Chili and 2012 Whites

As many of you know, I enjoy visiting Bluemont Vineyards every few months or so. This month, my visit came about because I heard that Jennifer, a local farmer, had once again made her delicious lamb chili!

On weekends, Bluemont serves a small meal, as well as the customary meats, cheeses, and bread. I have had many a yummy meal there, but my favorite one is the lamb chili. My first taste of the chili was two years ago, and I have gone back every year when they serve it in January and February. I even bring an extra container so I can bring some home for lunch the next day. LOL

Since it had been a few months since our last visit, Dan and I decided to do a tasting before digging into our chili. I am very glad we did so, because I got to meet Jen (the assistant wine maker, not the local farmer). When Jen and I started talking about wine and wine blogging, she said she had to take us over to the barrel room to try some of the new 2012 whites that were almost ready to bottle. So, after our tasting, Dan, myself, and my friend Katie (who was with us that day) walked over to the barrel room with Jen.

Jen showing off the barrel room

Our first 2012 wine was their Viognier. It was so crisp and refreshing. I can still taste it today. Mmm… Next, we tried the 2012 Petit Manseng which was a little more subtle and lingering than the Viognier. Finally, we got to try a Rose made from Cab Franc grapes, which will be another great spring/summer picnic wine. All three of the 2012 wines were very good, and I am already counting down the days until their release this spring!

For anyone who would like to try the lamb chili, be sure to follow Bluemont on Facebook or Twitter, because they’ll announce when it is available again in February. They will also announce the release of their 2012 wines there, and I definitely recommend trying them. :)

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