Friday, October 25, 2013

I’m Back!

Hi everyone! Over the past few months, I have started numerous posts for this blog, but each time, I got swamped with wedding planning. For anyone who has planned a wedding or been in a wedding party, you will know how time consuming it is, especially once you get to the three-months-out mark.

The good news is that I survived all the craziness, and the best news is that I am now married to a wonderful partner who is eager to combine his dreams and future with my own.

I plan on writing a few wedding posts in the near future – mostly to show off pictures and give props to some of the wonderful people who helped us out. So, keep your eyes open for them!

There are also lots of new vineyard/winery reviews coming, as well as posts about other fun adventures I have had in the past couple months.

For today, I will simply say: thanks for continuing to follow my blog and I’M BACK! Woot!!!