Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DuCard Vineyards and Sharp Rock Vineyards

The 12th and 13th geocaches on the VA Wine Trail are hidden at DuCard Vineyards and Sharp Rocks Vineyards. These vineyards are quite close to each other and are located at the base of the Shenandoah Mountains.

DuCard Vineyards:
The tasting room and patio at DuCard Vineyards afford one of the most picture perfect views I have seen at a vineyard. During one of our visits, Dan and I found the Virginia LOVE sign at the vineyard and got to take some fun pictures with it.

DuCard offers a variety of red and white wines. Among our favorites here are the 2nd Corps and Cab Franc. On our last two visits, the 2nd Corps had sold out, so if you visit and find some available, we recommend buying it quickly before it is gone!

On our most recent visit, Marty (the tasting manager) showed us around the vineyard and helped locate a fantastic hiding spot for our geocache. One of the fun things about this cache is that we were able to hide a larger container full of cool swag, so bring along something neat to trade when you visit! You can find the coordinates on the cache page.

Sharp Rock Vineyards:
Sharp Rock is located just before the parking lot for Old Rag Mountain, one of the most popular hikes in Virginia. This small, cozy vineyard has lots of fun spots for picnics with views of the mountains and the grape vines. Something unique about Sharp Rock is that it also serves as a bed and breakfast!

During our visit, we got to talk with Jimm (the owner) while we did our tasting. He told us how the vineyard got its start, and Dan and he had a great time chatting about restoring old cars. Sharp Rocks has both red and white wines. I liked how Jimm had named one of the reds after Old Rag Mountain, and I also enjoyed their deep red Rose Noir, which is perfect for summer picnics.

The coordinates for the Sharp Rock geocache can be found on its geocache page. Do to the popularity of this vineyard for picnickers, you may have to watch out for muggles.

A few final details:
As Dan and I are big dog people, we always enjoy finding vineyards that allow dogs, and both DuCard and Sharp Rock Vineyards allow dogs. :)

Have fun checking out these new locations on the VA Wine Trail of geocaches!

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  1. We liked the Rosé Noir at Sharp Rock, too! --Donna Gough/GoughPubs