Tuesday, September 4, 2012

St. Maarten - Traveling to the Caribbean

Recently, Dan and I took our first big vacation together. Although we have traveled before, it has always been for quick trips to visit family along the East Coast. That is why we decided to take some time for just the two of us and spend an entire week on beautiful St. Maarten!

Sunday (day 1):
Our flights down to St. Maarten were smooth and quick. When we stopped in Charlotte to change planes, I got really excited about the rocking chairs that were strategically positioned around the terminal. Seriously! There were rocking chairs in an airport. How cool is that?! A few hours after our second plane took off, we were looking down through the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.

The beach that all planes fly over when they land!

Traveling from the airport to the resort was unexpectedly easy. When we told the taxi stand where we were headed, we had the good fortune to have a taxi already heading that way. We piled into the van, said “hi” to the driver, and met another couple who were heading toward the same resort. It didn’t take long for introductions to be made, and we learned that they were newlyweds from Detroit. Our drive to the hotel was filled with gorgeous views and chatting about wedding planning and all that it entails.

I was really excited when we pulled up to our resort, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Dan and I had seen pictures of the location online, but seeing it in person made it so much better! Divi Little Bay Beach Resort is situated on the little peninsula that separates Little Bay from Great Bay. It rests on the edges of a beautiful beach where its pale yellow walls and a red tile roofs catch the setting sun perfectly!

Now on one side of the resort, the rooms are tiered up and down the sides of a hill, while the other side of the resort is a more simple, two-story building. Our room was on the simple side of the resort, which gave us the most beautiful scenery to look at from our little balcony. (The water was less than 100 feet from our balcony. It was awesome!) The room itself was very comfortable for two people, a cozy suite on the second floor with a big bathroom and fully equipped kitchenette. The bed was huge compared to our bed at home, and it felt even bigger because there weren’t any dogs to take up the extra space. :) The only downside to the room was that the TV was rather old and the screen liked to fade in and out occasionally.

The view from our balcony

As soon as we had most of our bags unpacked and organized, Dan and I headed straight for a walk on the beach. Barefoot and glad to be out of the airport, we walked up and down the length of Little Bay. When we reached the end, we walked around the resort grounds to see what amenities were available. The resort had a bunch of little shops and two bar areas. We ate dinner at the bar closest to our room, enjoying complementary rum punches. Mmm…

Tequila shots with the newlyweds we met in the cab.

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  1. I love the Charlotte airport especially because of those rocking chairs. They make me smile each time I fly through there.