Thursday, August 23, 2012

VA Wine Trail – Where Pears Grow in Wine Bottles

Before Dan and I left for our vacation in St. Maarten, we had a day of errands. However, this was not a boring day of errands; this was a fun one! We did some typical things, like stopping at the bank, but we also picked up my resized engagement ring, ate food from a fantastic Jamaican restaurant in Leesburg, and hid the next VA Wine Trail Geocache at Fabbioli Cellars.

Dan and I have visited Fabbioli Cellars before (read about our previous visit), and we have also been able to enjoy their wine at some local restaurants in Leesburg (Fireworks). Our most recent visit to the winery was just as enjoyable as before.

Before arriving at Fabbioli Cellars, we picked up food from Blue Mountain Café, a fantastic Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant located on South King Street in Leesburg. If you have not visited this restaurant yet, you have to check it out! We heard their Ox tail was amazing, but since they did not have any ready when we picked up out take out, we enjoyed some of their delicious jerk chicken instead. Mmm… While eating this yummy food, we split a bottle of our favorite Fabbioli wine, Raspberry Merlot. Delicious!

After finishing our lunch, we walked around the grounds and located the great spot to hide our new VA Wine Trail geocache. :) You can find coordinates and hints on the cache page. If you would like to learn about geocaching, check out my previous post. There are now six VA Wine Trail geocaches, and you can find them by searching for “VA Wine Trail” on or by selecting the links from the Winery sidebar on my blog.

With our geocaching complete, we wandered back to the tasting room for dessert – a wine tasting that included chocolate pairings. The coolest thing about the chocolate pairings, apart from them being delicious, was that all the chocolates came from a local boutique. One of the chocolates was even made with some of the wine from Fabbioli!

A unique thing about Fabbioli is that they have two different kinds of tastings. One is savory (food), and one is sweet (chocolate). Dan and I’s favorite tasting is the savory, because we both prefer savory food over sweets. However, both are delicious, and you will be missing out if you do not try them both. LOL

On our way out, we picked up bottles of Paco Rojo and Raspberry Merlot to bring home, our two favorite reds. We enjoyed our visit to Fabbioli Cellars, and we hope you get a chance to stop by soon to see the winery and find the newest geocache!

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