Friday, September 7, 2012

St. Maarten – A Fort, a Sales Pitch, and a Random Dinner Party

Our third day on St. Maarten was one of our beach days. We had a nice leisurely breakfast on our balcony, watching a Disney cruise boat make its way to Great Bay. Then, before most people were awake, we walked the 100 feet from our room to the beach and claimed a couple beach chairs.

The Disney Cruise passing Little Bay

It felt so good to layout in the sun and relax! If we started to get too warm from the sun, the water was the perfect temperature to cool us down without feeling cold. Dan and I both brought Christopher Moore books with us to read, and I am sure some of the sunbathers near us were wondering why we kept laughing – clearly, they were missing out on the fantastic wit and humor of Christopher Moore. :)

After lunch, we cleaned up and made our way down to the sales office. Many of you have probably sat through a timeshare sales pitch before, but this was Dan and I’s first. Our consultant was a funny, older gentleman who was building a house in Jamaica and constantly berating the French salesmen for their incompetence. LOL It was really amusing!

Throughout our pitch, Dan and I asked lots of questions so we would be more knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of timeshares. Then, when the time came, we put our game faces on and gave good hardy “no thank you” responses about purchasing a timeshare. Let me pause and say that we are not against timeshares, we just do not want to have one at this time. The consultant was understanding (though his boss was a bit pushy), and after a little bit of time, we walked out of the office with $90 to spend toward our sailboat dinner cruise later in the week. :) Huzzah!

In the hours before dinner, Dan and I hiked up the big hill on the peninsula that divides Great Bay from Little Bay (where the resort is). The top of the hill is a historic site for Fort Amsterdam, a small fort and adjacent buildings from the 1800s. The view was gorgeous, and we had fun taking pictures with the cannons and other landmarks.

Fort Amsterdam

The cliffs at the end of the peninsula

For dinner, we decided to walk the hill into Phillipsburg and find a local restaurant. The boardwalk was very pretty at dusk, and while reading a dinner menu, we spotted the couple we had met on Happy Harold’s tour. Dan instantly stopped reading the menu, walked up to the couple’s table, and sat down in an empty chair. The couple (Gary and Becky) laughed and eagerly asked us to join them. (which Dan already had) lol With a round of Caribs (a Caribbean beer) in hand, all four of us chose to order the best curry shrimp that I have ever had. Seriously, I am drooling just thinking about it.

As we enjoyed our delicious dinner, we saw two other couples from Happy Harold’s tour walking down the boardwalk. By the time our plates were empty, our party had doubled, and we were all sharing tips of the best spots to visit around the island. It was a lovely evening of good conversation, yummy food, and great people!

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