Friday, July 13, 2012

Play Ball!

National Park Stadium

Baseball and softball were my first favorite sports. As a kid, I never got tired of watching The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, The Natural, and A League of Their Own. I don’t know what it is about this game, but it seems almost magical to me. Over time, I have grown to love other sports, but baseball and softball will always remain at the top.

Unfortunately, I never really got to play on a team growing up (which will be different if I ever have a daughter), but I played whenever I could jump in on a game. My favorite position is left or center field. I love watching the big hitters try for a homer, only to have me snatch it out of the air. :)

This past spring, a co-worker heard about my love for baseball/softball and invited me to join our company softball team. Of course, I said yes and asked if Dan could join as well. From that point on, we got to play weekly Saturday morning games. The company team is a good mix of guys and girls and is a blast to play with. We just finished our last week of games and are talking about putting together a team for the fall season!

In addition to playing softball this year, I have also attended a number of Nationals games in DC. It has been years since I have gotten to see this many live baseball games, and I have seriously missed it!

Dan and I jumping in excitement to see baseball

If you have never been to the National’s stadium, I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area. It is a fun park with lots to see and delicious food to partake of. The park has even gotten reviews from local newspapers and magazines for its taste and variety in food. My favorite food stops so far have been Hard Times CafĂ© and the Shake Shack.

Ignite Your Natitude!

Of course, the Nationals, lovingly called the Nats by locals, are the best reason to visit the park. DC has needed a good, competitive baseball team, and the Nats have been having a great year. While I am still learning many of the players’ names, I was able to pick out a favorite on my first visit to the stadium – Bryce Harper, #34. It was an easy choice because he plays my favorite positions, he is very talented, and he seems to have a real love for the game.

Harper running home

You will probably hear me mention many other sports that I love and enjoy, but baseball/softball definitely top the list!

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  1. I just watched a League of Their Own yesterday. I just looooove that movie! It never gets old.