Monday, July 9, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich Casserole – Another Easy Dessert!

With the crazy hot weather on the east coast this weekend, I remembered another one of my favorite, super-easy summer desserts. I do not know if this dessert has an official name, so I have named it the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Casserole!

I have had great success with this dish. It only takes minutes to prepare, and everyone loves it. What’s really funny is to see your friends’ faces when they learn that it is made from ice cream sandwiches. :) They always think it is more complicated than that. lol

Here’s what you need:
  • 13X9 casserole freezer-friendly casserole dish
  • A box of ice cream sandwiches
  • A container of Cool Whip
  • A bottle of Hersey’s Chocolate Syrup

Here’s how to make it:
  • In the bottom of the casserole dish, pour in a thin layer of chocolate syrup. I like to give it a zigzag effect, but that is up to you.
  • On top of the chocolate syrup, place a layer of unwrapped (that should be obvious, but just in case) ice cream sandwiches. You may have to cut a few sandwiches in half to finish filling the dish.
  • Cover the ice cream sandwiches with a nice layer of thawed Cool Whip.
  • Finally, take the bottle of chocolate syrup and make a cool design on top of the Cool Whip. The design can be as fancy or as simple as you want. You can also add other small toppings, such as M&Ms, graham cracker crumbles, etc…

Let your delicious ice cream sandwich casserole sit in the freezer for 4-8 hours, so it gets nice and cold!

When you’re ready to serve, bring it out with a big serving spoon, because I guarantee you that everyone is going to want a nice big piece!

For more cold dessert ideas, see my earlier post.

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