Friday, July 6, 2012

Peppers, and Basil, and Tomatoes, Oh My!

This pepper smells amazing.

Dan and I picked a bunch of veggies from the garden yesterday, so I figured I would post an update on how everything is growing.

Our pepper plants are producing by the fistful. Chillies and jalapenos are everywhere, and we also got our first bell pepper!

Chilli Peppers

First Bell Pepper

The basil and rosemary plants smell sooo good! We grabbed some of each to season our dinner tonight.

The four tomato plants have grown into a mini jungle. No joke, they are over SIX feet tall!! The cherry tomatoes are already ripening and being picked, even as the plant puts out more flowers. The beef steak tomatoes are making up for their smaller numbers by producing tomatoes that will weigh at least a pound each!

Look how tall the tomato plants are!

Beef Steak Tomatoes

The rest of the garden is bursting at the seams and starting to bloom. The bean bushes are reaching up toward my knees, and both the cucumber and zucchini plants are blooming. Our chives and garlic are also getting taller by the day.

Hurray for fresh produce!!

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