Friday, May 25, 2012

Afton Mountain Vineyards

Nestled in the Shenandoah Mountains of Central Virginia is Afton Mountain Vineyards. While Dan and I have visited many Virginia wineries and discovered many amazing locations and people, Afton Mountain is by far our favorite vineyard yet.

We first visited Afton Mountain in February, after attending a wedding in Charlottesville. Like the rest of the wedding party in attendance, we took part in the reserve wine tasting. I enjoyed a couple of their whites, but the amazing thing was that Dan and I both enjoyed all the reds in the tasting! Needless to say, we bought almost an entire case of wine that trip – quite a difference from our usual bottle or two.

Our second visit occurred a few weeks ago on Mother’s Day. My wonderful boyfriend decided to surprise his mom and take her to Afton Mountain for a glass of wine. The surprise was perfect, and his mom was completely shocked when we were standing in front of her outside Mitchie Tavern. :)

After lunch, we drove out to the vineyard and did a tasting. Instead of the reserve tasting, I chose to do the house tasting this visit. Once again, I was not disappointed with the selection. My favorites were the mountain rose and the mountain red. While we did not buy a whole case this visit, we did pick up bottles of the mountain rose, mountain red, and Festa di Bacco (Dan’s favorite). I also picked up some of their smoked cheddar cheese (really yummy!).

Dan and his mom

If you are ever in the Charlottesville area, you must visit Afton Mountain Vineyards. Everyone is sure to find at least one wine that they like, and the snacks are simple but tasty. There is also plenty of indoor and outdoor seating on their breath-taking property. One of my favorite features of their grounds was the covered outdoor seating. It is fantastic because the cover and numerous heat lamps enable you to sit outside and enjoy the views even in cold weather.

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