Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers Make Me Happy

Spring brings many wonderful things. Warm weather, birds, and most importantly, flowers!

Despite my past battles with my very small, mostly shaded backyard, I teamed up this year with my fiancé to put a bunch of pots filled with flowers in the one section of our yard that gets a decent amount of sunlight.

The first thing we had to do was put up a fence around the area to keep the dogs (especially Vander) from peeing on them. Anyone with a male dog knows that their favorite thing to do is pee on any object taller than them. LOL

Putting up a simple plastic fence is easy and inexpensive. First, we picked up some metal stakes. I would plan on one stake for each corner of the area being enclosed and a few extra stakes for the longer sides. Ideally, you should put a stake up about four to five feet, to ensure the strength of the fence. Once you have your stakes up, you can start putting the plastic fencing up. We didn’t get anything fancy; we just wanted to make sure it was pliable, which makes it easy to attach to the fence. To hold the fence in place, we cut strips of twine and tied them on at the top and bottom.

After the fence was up, I pulled out all my planting pots and refilled them with soil. Then, I laid out each plant where I wanted it, and started digging holes. :)

I am very happy with my little flower garden and will likely add some herbs once the last of the cool weather is gone. Giving the plants a little water each day is a nice break from the normal schedule. It is also fun to glance out the window at my flowers when I am tired or feeling cooped up.

Here are the types of flowers I picked up from Lowes:
  • Three red varieties of Dahlias
  • Yellow Asiatic Lilies
  • Yellow Snapdragons
  • Multi-colored Celosia
  • Purple Impatient
  • White Dianthus
  • Blue Lobelia
  • Purple Pentas

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