Monday, January 30, 2012

Monster Trucks and Relatives

“Want to go to Monster Jam?” was the IM I received from a co-worker at 5pm on Friday night. Upon further inquiry, I found out that the invitation was for 6pm that night at the company suite in the Verizon center. The most important part was the word “FREE.” My initial thought was “no, I should go home”, but then I remembered that I had absolutely NOTHING going on for the night. After realizing that, I jumped at the chance.

One metro trip into the city, and half a dozen tech support folks and I were piling our plates with free food and drinks in the company suite. Just as I was pouring the last of my jack and ginger, the trucks started revving their engines to life. I nearly dropped my drink in shock. It was really loud! Thank goodness someone had brought an extra pair of ear plugs, or I would still be deaf today!

The show was great. How can anyone not enjoy watching big trucks jump over or smash through old cars and vans?!

The rest of my weekend seemed pretty tame after all the excitement at the Verizon Center. I was up and moving early on Saturday, because some cousins were in town and everyone was going to visit grandma. We spent the whole day talking and helping distribute grandma’s jewelry, cookbooks, and photos among the family. I wondered if my grandma would be sad to see her things past out, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. She loves being the center of attention and deciding who gets to keep what. Lol

My favorite finds of the day were:
  • A hand-written notebook of my grandma’s favorite recipes.

  • All the pictures of my grandparents and family when they were younger.

  • My grandma’s wedding planning notebook – it was fascinating to see the difference between the 1940’s and today’s standard weddings!

It was a very memorable day, and I would not exchange it for the world. :) I have not had time to scan all the pictures I received, but I did get one scanned (see below). Wasn’t I cute?!

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