Monday, January 9, 2012

Calendars 50-75% Off

On the week before or after New Years, my most exciting venture is scouring the local bookstore for the perfect calendar. For me, picking out next year’s calendar is a sacred quest. It is impossible for me to casually grab a calendar off the shelf and take it home. What if it is too common, or heaven forbid, I get bored of it halfway through the year?!

During the holidays, I worry about if my food will cook properly or if everyone will enjoy the presents I got them. However, a small part of me, deep down, is worried that my friends or relatives will forget how well they know me and give me a calendar as a gift. Can you imagine the horror of finding a calendar-sized present with your name on it? Perhaps not.

Here are some thing that I take into consideration when choosing a calendar:
- Is it boring or common?
- Do I like this enough to look at it all year long?
- Is there a good picture for my birthday month? (which is July)
- Will it show people something about who I am?
- Is it the same theme that I got last year? (different is better)
- Should I get a wall calendar, a desk calendar, or both?
- If I get both, will they complement each other?

This year, I opted to buy three calendars. One for my kitchen and two for my cubical at work. My kitchen calendar is a beautiful collection of pictures from England, Spain, Germany, and Italy – which I think will go very well with my other kitchen d├ęcor. My work calendars are a bit more whimsical. I bought them with the idea to get my creativity flowing and give people a laugh each day. After searching the racks of choices, I picked a fantasy-like wall calendar called “A Knock at the Door” and a desk calendar called “Wild Words from Wild Women”.

My search this year was a smashing success, and I love all of the calendars that I got, not to mention the fact that I got them all for 50% off. Huzzah!

Now to start planning for next year…

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