Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Veggies from the Garden!

Me munching

This past weekend, we harvested the first veggies from our garden! Woot!! I was very excited as I picked the sweet, crisp pea pods from their gnarled vines. I also plucked some fresh basil leaves to put on our steaks. Mmm… There really isn’t anything more exciting than eating food that you have grown yourself. :)

Dan with the first veggies of the year

The rest of the garden is growing nicely. Check out the pictures below:

Our tomato plants are HUGE! One of them is already taller than me! Guess this means that the gardener’s trick I mentioned in my previous post really does work. :)

Here are our baby greenbeans!

The pepper plants are growing like mad. We already have a ton of chili peppers that are starting to ripen, and the jalapenos and bell peppers have lots of little baby peppers growing.

Ripening Chili Peppers

Baby Jalapenos

Baby Bell Pepper

Because of the crazy weather we have been having, we had to replant some seeds, and our cucumber and zucchini seeds would not grow at all. Since the seeds were being stubborn, my dad picked up some cucumbers and zucchini seedlings to give us a jump start.

Hope everyone’s gardens are coming along nicely!

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