Thursday, March 22, 2012

Checking in on St. Patty’s

What an insane last couple weeks! Life (work) has kept me busy and productive. However, this weekend, I did have some time to goof off and enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Saturday evening began with a trip to the Verizon store, where Dan and I purchased our new iPhones! (or what I lovingly refer to as my “new shiny”) We both got the same model, but Dan’s is white and mine is black. :)

With our new purchases in hand, we dropped the car off at home and walked across the street to a local pub called Mighty Mike’s. If you are ever in town, this is a fun place to visit. Being one of the few non-chain bars in NOVA, it definitely has the “small-town” feel that Dan and I both love.

The first thing I did when we sat down at the bar was pull out my new shiny and post my first official check-in. Woot! Being the Facebook addict that I am, I had longed for the day when my phone could support the Facebook app. With my first check-in complete, I smiled at the world (while Dan rolled his eyes) and took a sip of my green beer. Happy Days!

Our St. Patty’s celebration was simple but fun, filled with green beer, Jameson, and Guinness. Dan also taught me how to play darts. He won every game, but I learned not to jump when darts I had thrown bounced back at me. Heehee…

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